wool care

How to care for your woollen products?

We are here to break the most common myth about wool and that is "Wool is very difficult/complicated to care of". Find the care instructions below.

Care instructions

 Due to its many benefits (see here) our wool crafts & products do not require frequent washing. All you need to do is dust off our woollen products regularly and let it sit out in the fresh air occasionally. When you do wash our woollen products you can do so on woollen cycle, which all newer washing machines have with gentler, preferably soap/washing liquid for wool. Our Woollen products should always be air dried. Do not be put your woollen products into direct sunlight or in front of the direct hot air from the fan or heater in order to ensure  longer lasting life cycle. For Cat Caves, hats, flower pots and other structural products make sure to reshape them into their original shape before letting them air dry. Pats on the needed places will quickly transform your product to what it already was. It can be helpful for some products, like our Cat Caves, to stuff them with towels or something else whilst drying, or blow up a clean bin bag and tie it air-tight inside the product, later you can use your bag for it's original purpose.

Dust your woollen products

Shake out the fallen bits of dirt, and dust from your products as you decide needed.