Our steps towards 


We have been developing our whole small business, from its very beginnings, around sustainability, and around Circular Economy. On this page, we would like to explain to you the most important parts. 


Sourcing materials

We are sourcing all our wool from the local organic farm in Kildare. We pay our farmer, Mr. Fergal Byrne a fair price of €10 per fleece. We choose Fergal because of his proximity and his effort to have his farm free from harmful chemicals. This way we have a minimum carbon footprint for acquiring material. 
Whenever possible we are also sourcing all the soaps necessary for the felting process from the Irish business.
We buy other materials we would like to work with from Charity shops in Dublin, 
For felting tools (plastic single-use bags, bubble wrap and resist) we ask local Zero Waste pages to see if anyone has spare. We use and reuse these continually. 


Waste reduction

Water. This is a big one because wool does take a lot of water to be scoured and washed. We wash only small amount of our wool, the one that we want to dye in different colors. The rest of the wool we work with we card (or brush) on the carding machine and then felt dirty. Felting process consists of water and soap so we prefer to wash our wool while felting to reduce water consumption and water waste.
All our packaging is biodegradable and in some cases also reused. We have cornstarch cellophane for masks, recycled unbleached paper envelopes, cardboard boxes we collected from local businesses that didn't needed them anymore so don't be surprised if you get your Cat Cave in a Dehumidifier box.

LED Strip Lights

Energy consumption

We have changed all our lightbulbs to LED lights. 
We are actively working on insulation of our studio so we are better prepared for the next winter but this is a bit bigger project as we are only renting the place and we can only do so much in this area. 

LED Strip Lights


We use services and partner with like-minded businesses. 
An Post is our currier choice because of their low emissions mission, and because they are already going to all parts of the country. 
Our masks can be found in Esquires Cafe in Ilac shopping center. Esquires is not only the best coffee in town but also organic and sustainably oriented, with biodegradable, non-excesive packaging.