This wonderful Valentine's Day Special Set is comprised of our 100% Cotton reversible Tote Bag, absolute must-have 100% Cotton Face Cleansing Pads with a light exfoliating effect, and 100% Cotton Face Mask.  

Our wonderful Butterfly fabric is proving very popular, so we've created a tote bag just for you! Spread rainbow smiles while sporting our 100% cotton hand made reversible tote bag. Two 60 cm shoulder straps, with plenty of totin' space to fill as you wish. Reversible and versatile, this charming tote is sure to brighten up your wardrobe! Convenient inside/outside pocket to keep your mask or whatever else you might need handy.


The PLUS! 100% Cotton Face Mask consisting of two layers enhanced with a nonwoven interfacing hand-ironed directly onto the cotton. Includes our custom made pocket in which to insert a filter of your choice. One Size, 10cm x 20cm approx when folded flat. Comes with adjustable elastic bands to ensure a proper fit, which is replaceable for the lifetime of the mask.


Our luxurious Face Pads are made with 2 layers of Organic Terry Cloth fabric. Forget about cotton pads you have to throw away after every use as this lovely set will get you through the week and you can wash them many many times at 40 degrees Celcius. They come in a set of 7 pads with a little jute bag, made from Jute Hessian fabric, which is sustainable, biodegradable, and breathable. You can use the pads with your favorite make-up remover lotion- just pour your desired amount on the pad, massage your face, throw your pad in the laundry bin, and that's it! Pads also provide a light exfoliation after which skin will naturally shine. 

Tote bag, Face Mask and Face Cleansing Pads set - Colours

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  • Mask should at all times have a close fit to your face. Make sure you adjust the elastic provided, or if you have chosen to change the elastic for a tie, make sure to tie it in a way that the Mask stays snuggly close to your face.

    While you have the mask on you should avoid touching it or adjusting it with your hands, unless you can wash your hands immediately before and after.