This warm and wonderful bed for cats or small dogs is charming and functional. It is made out of 100% natural sheep fleece and wet felted on the bottom. Wool is warm, natural and abundant in Ireland. Our pets are crazy for this bed and look so comfortable and at peace. Sheep, depending on the breed, have to be sheared once to twice a year. Due to it's curly shape, once the wool is cut it normally stays together and so it is posible to have rugs (stay tuned!) and beds without having to skin the sheep. These cruelty-free and plastic-free beds every pet deserves to have. 

Pet Bed small - Squares - 100% Wool

  • Natural wool does get matted with time, to brush it out you can use your pet's comb and gently comb the wool. 

    Washing maching washable (but only on the wool setting), or you can choose to wash it by hand and than just do spin and drain in the machine. After the spin it dries relatively quick.