Our luxurious Face Pads are made with 2 layers of Organic Terry Cloth fabric. Forget about cotton pads you have to throw away after every use as this lovely set will get you through the week and you can wash them many many times at 40 degrees Celcius. They come in a set of 7 pads with a little jute bag, made from Jute Hessian fabric, which is sustainable, biodegradable, and breathable. You can use the pads with your favorite make-up remover lotion- just pour your desired amount on the pad, massage your face, throw your pad in the laundry bin and that's it! Pads also provide a light exfoliation after which skin will naturally shine. 

We would love to able to replace all of the plastic, and we are slowly working towards having as many sustainable and green solutions as possible.

Reusable 100% Organic Cotton Face Pads