Fingerless Gloves / Wrist Warmers - Green

Fingerless Gloves / Wrist Warmers - Green

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New Winter Warmers!


Our beautiful, functional, hand and wrist covers are perfect for keeping chilly winter winds at bay. Each "mitten" is thoughtfully and lovingly hand-felted, assembled from 100% wool with a 100% cotton muslin support lining for added durability. Unique and exquisite, these winter warmers are sure to be a fetching new addition to your winter wardrobe.

  • Dimensions

    22cm length x 10cm width

  • Care Instructions

    Wool can be either hand washed or machine washed on a cold setting for wool. Wool is very easy to care for due to the lanolin that coats the fibre and makes it naturally inhibited by bacteria, mould, mildew and static, which are the cause of bad smells, dirt gathering in etc. This means you don't have to wash your wool items regularly but only when needed. For more information click here.