Traditional Japanese Bento Bags or also Origami bags are a wonderful addition to your sustainable wardrobe. These bags were traditionaly made for carrying food and were normaly tied in the top. They are all made from either leftover, given, reclaimed or repurpused materials. All of them will provide a good amount of storage and they have 2 pockets inside to keep phone or whatever else separate and safe from scratches. They are fully lined but also very lightweight. This is most versitile bag we have as it can be worn to school, work, market, night out, traveling or wherever you wish to carry it. They are washable and reusable and unique. As we are making them from reclaimed materials we mostely can only make one or two with the same fabric so you don't have to fret thre will be more like yours.Hight approx 53 cmWidth approx 54 cm

Bento Bag Colour stripes