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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I’ve been trying to describe my goals and aspirations, but it has been difficult! In order to try and explain I have written a poem :) Our sustainable passion Transforms into handmade fashion In a world of disposable We choose to make reusable For everyday necessities, We have different accessories. Choosing only what nature makes To be the change is all it takes. We love and laugh and cherish, Nature’s gifts this way won’t perish

The main motto I have in this life is to be the change I want to see in the world. This is really not an easy task, especially if you just started a company with limited funding abilities and wanting to do everything the proper way. I have amazing friends that are helping as much as they can, but mostly I’m a one-woman band, like most of the small businesses. This means that I design, produce, take photos, advertise, and sell everything we have in stock.

All the materials that I am using are either organic, reclaimed, repurposed, or natural materials. This is the first change that I want to see and that would be that we don’t produce any more unnecessary plastic if there is an alternative to it. So, slowly, I have been developing different ranges of products that can replace “disposable” and plastic items. There will be more products, I’m always developing on the go, but I am happy with how much I’ve managed to create and the difference this can have on Mother Nature. All of our packaging is minimal and made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials.

Another change that we have to make is to stop outsourcing our labor. There are multiple reasons for this, but for me, there are two main reasons. Firstly, the people who are used for labor are mostly being treated badly, and they work in poor conditions for minimum salaries. Secondly, as consumers, we are losing the knowledge and skills of making things. Both of these reasons are just so impossibly unsustainable and scary and I really do not want to contribute to this anymore in any way, shape, or form. Do I live my life 100% sustainably? No, but I am learning more daily on how to improve, how to be kinder and gentler with the world so that hopefully one day soon I will be able to live fully sustainable. The fabrics that I started off with were not organically grown, but I am getting more and more organic because organic fabric means not only that it is made without toxic and harmful chemicals but that labor is fairly paid. I am ordering fabrics from Irish businesses, even though this is the most expensive way to go, this is the only way Irish businesses as a whole can survive. I did order somethings from Croatia recently, and I order some organic materials from the Netherlands if I can’t find that type of fabric here in Ireland. The wool I am sourcing from Ireland and Scotland (in Scotland I’m ordering from @heartfeltbyliz ). The wonderful inspiration that is Liz was the person who first taught me how to felt, and she has inspired me over the years through her artwork and encouragement along the way to start my own journey. I’m now making skirts, dresses and I have designed my first hooded coat, which is only available in the shop for now. The new line has been designed is to be as close to zero waste as possible, by finding new uses for materials and generating less waste. This is the next change we seek, as the fashion industry has been so aggressive and hostile to our planet this has to be addressed. By either reusing/repurposing fabric, to using eco-friendly cloth and wool, I make sure with each design that only the absolute minimum is scrapped.

Soon there will be little add-ons to your purchase to help the bees, I’ll inform you more about this when all is set. Considering that we have started only in July and only with Cotton Face Masks to have at this point 7 different products to sell online and much more in the shop fills me with great joy and reassurance that even if this is the craziest year majority of us had in a long time I have done something good and continue being true to meself :) Love sincerely, Karla

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