Our journey towards sustainability vol 1

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The word sustainable is so complex and can be used to describe many different things but they all mean just that: sustainable. The way we have started this company and the core of our business is to promote sustainability, so we’d like to explain exactly what we mean:

  • We are using only materials that are safe, natural and locally sourced or materials that we are up-cycling instead of being thrown away

  • We are making sure that our products are of an exceptional quality and will be able to be used over and over and over again (no more single use things!)

  • We believe in being a sustainable employer which means we are treating our staff (our one employee ☺ ) with an appropriate sustainable salary, with cover of the pension and medical insurance

  • For packaging we have contacted www.ecoland.com and found all eco-friendly biodegradable solutions for our postage and other packaging

  • We clean our spaces with eco-friendly products and use eco friendly bin bags

  • We are preparing workshops to promote Irish skills like: felting, stitching, soap making etc.

  • We believe that our world cannot continue to survive if everything is outsourced, we have to know how to make our own food, clothes, homes etc.

  • We believe that if we all work together we can help out within our communities to help the Irish economy to recover

  • We strongly stand for quality over quantity. My mom always says “I don’t have the money to buy cheap” in that cheap normally means of bad or questionable quality, so that many more of the same item will be bought. If you choose a more sustainable product instead, you will save up the money if you buy good quality to begin with.

Try not to think of us as crazies (although we probably are!) as we do understand that not everything can be produced here. There are so many things we, need to continue outsourcing. But what if we stop for a moment and think about what we can do as a country to prevent another scenario of “no PPE for our medical staff” from happening in the future. What else can we start/restart producing in Ireland so that we don’t lose the skills of craft and try to stop outsourcing as much as we do now?

There is more and more evidence that outsourcing to poor countries also brings exploitation of the people living and working on the other side of the world. Do we really create jobs by outsourcing, or are we further deepening workers’ rights violations? Is it worth buying cheap, low quality products made in factories where employees get one 5 minute break for toilet in the whole work day and are paid €1 per hour, or sometimes even €1 per day?

We as a consuming society HAVE to slow down and start thinking how we can be better than this, and how we can create a better world for everyone ☺ Our mission is to be able to compete with high quality products, to buy high quality materials, and to make sure places we buy materials from are also in line with our ethics and will do everything possible to be as sustainable as possible. It can be done and we can help each other build a nicer Earth for all the Earthlings to be able to live together in unity.

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