About us

My name is Karla, the maker, and this is the story about "Behind The Seams Ireland"

The "Behind The Seams" started officially at the end of June 2020. By that time I had 1100 masks handmade and given free of charge to Nursing homes and other places and other people that needed masks, and also had 10 years behind me in designing my own clothes and clothes for my friends. The idea of making things, being creative has driven me all my life, and now with this whole lockdown situation I finally had the time to fulfill this dream and so friends stepped up and helped. My wonderful partner made everything he possibly could to accommodate and support me in every step of the way and as it happens to me in life occasionally everything fell into place. We rented a gorgeous space in the centre of Dublin City and jumped into action. 

Plans were many but with time we have managed to gain clarity and make decision in which direction we want to be going. Direction was wool, Irish wool. After a lot of research an understanding dawned and it was clear that in order to be a company making a difference we will have to use Irish wool and do all the processing and manufacturing ourselves. Wool is classified as a waste product and isn't this a shame. Ireland is importing huge amounts of wool and due to not having processing plant throws and burns its own wool.  Well hopefully not for long. We are dedicated to find as many as possible products that can replace current plastic/synthetic products and create a healthier environment with durable products that can later on be either repurposed or biodegrade. 


Working with wool, especially raw wool is very therapeutic and meditative. Wool is very forgiving and fun material to work with. It expresses itself when allowed and creates its own patterns. We love to allow wool to change direction and to leave the room for the wool to show its own magic. Everything we do is done by hand, without chemicals and with big amount of respect and love for wool. 

We are committing ourselves to always support other local businesses and to have an open heart for charitable work. 

Behind the Seams