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To the land of experiments, quirkiness, natural ingredients, creative chaos and a cat.

Wool playtime at Behind The Seams

We use exclusively Irish Organic wool which we get raw from farm in Kildare and process from start to finish. All of our products are made from raw wool that we than washed, carded, felted and presented. 

Wool is such an amazing material and Ireland has plenty of it! We want to support our Irish farmers by using Irish organic wool. We love to play with wool, and we're finding fun new ways to make it even more useful. 

Meet Karla - The happy enthusiast

There comes a time when the decision must be made to use Irish wool, and Irish wool only. More work for sure, but Karla does not back down from challenges. She sees challenges as opportunities, and a way to learn more about the world around us. Farmer and Karla are working together to discover which sheep breeds are best suited for felting, what type of products can be created from certain breeds, with a focus on relearning some of the forgotten skills of the past.


Woollen Pet Beds


Have an idea or fabric to donate? 

Is there an item you use daily, that you preferred was all-natural, and eco-friendly? Let us know! We love challenge and we love to find natural solutions. 

We always need fabric, any type as some we can upcycle while some are used as practice fabrics.